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Bennet Loveday is a menswear brand with a focus on creating designed garments that fit for the plus size man. The brand is built on an avid interest in workwear and denim. Working with reclaimed and British produced fabrics, there is also an aim to slow fashion down. Collections aren't created with traditional fashion seasons in mind, but rather an emphasis on the creative process and giving that the space to develop naturally.
Graduating from the Royal College of Art in Menswear, having previously studied at the University of Brighton, London-born and Brighton based designer Bennet Loveday has always been interested in the idea that bodies aren't made equal, rather those differences should be celebrated and aims to always develop fits that flatter beyond the standard size bracket. This follows through to collections themselves where no two garments would ever be exactly the same and are designed to age and improve with the wearer.
As well as being an established designer-maker, Bennet Loveday is also a skilled pattern cutter, always interested in challenging those skills through his work.